Niccolò Mandelli Contegni was born in Varese in 1967. After having studied law, he began dedicating to sculpture full-time. He travelled all around the world till he reached South America, where he settled at the beginning of the nineties, first in Brazil, Peru and Bolivia, then in Central America. There he gave shape to very big sculptures, using several tropical woods. When he came back permanently to Italy, he devoted himself first of all to stone and marble’s manufacturing and in the last years to iron, often used combined with wood. Now he lives and works in Varese.


Personal and collective exhibitions

2018 "Clears Ideas" collective exhibition - Grossetti Gallery, Milan

2018 "Collection in progress" collective exhibition - Grossetti Gallery, Milan

2018 "Encounters" personal exhibition - Grossetti Gallery, Milan


2018 "Art Spaces" collective exhibition - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Varese


2017 "Art Spaces" travelling exhibition - Bruxelles, Venezia (Magazzini del Sale), Genova (Villa Croce Museum of Modern Art)


2015 "Sculptures and drawings” Roots Hunter - personal exhibition - Palmieri Gallery - Busto Arsizio, Varese


2015 "ArteFiera Bologna" Morotti Contemporary Art - Daverio,Varese


2014 "Affordable Arte Fiera" Milano - Morotti Contemporary Art - Daverio, Varese


2014 "ArtePadova" Morotti Contemporary Art - Daverio,Varese


2014 "ArteGenova" Morotti Contemporary Art - Daverio, Varese


2013 “Returnings” personal exhibition - Morotti Contemporary Art - Daverio, Varese


2013 “Affordable Art Exhibition” collective exhibition - Morotti Contemporary Art - Daverio, Varese


2012 “Archaic Future” personal exhibition - Voltorre Cloister, Gavirate, Varese


2012 Personal exhibition - Arte+ Gallery - Bologna


2012 Personal exhibition - Cesare Ponti Bank - Varese


2012 “Escaping verses” collective exhibition - Binario 7 Space - Monza


2010 Seventh International Sculpture Biennial, Piedmont Region, collective exhibition -Turin, cured by C. Cerritelli e M. Corgnati


2009 “Arianna’s thread” personal exhibition - Veratti space - Varese


2009 “Four generations in comparison” collective exhibition - Banco Santander - Varese


2009 “2009 acquisitions” collective exhibition - Parisi Valle’s civic museum - Maccagno, Varese
Catalogue by C. Rizzi


2009 “Synthesis” personal exhibition - Space Cesare da Sesto Calende, Varese
Critical essay by F. Marcellini


2008 “The sound of silence” collective exhibition - Villa Imbonati Cavallasca - Como
Catalogue by L. Cavadini


2008 “Bodies” collective exhibition - Villa Durazzo - Santa Margherita Ligure, Genova


2007 “Art for art” collective exhibition - Giubiasco, Switzerland


2006 “Mimmo Rotella and the lake’s artists” collective exhibition Voltorre’s cloister - Varese - Catalogue by L. Schiroli


2006 “By wood and spirit” personal exhibition - Spazio Zero Gallery - Gallarate - Varese


2005 “From witnesses to witnesses” collective exhibition in Ghiggini Gallery - Varese


2005 “Lombard sculpture in Seprio” collective exhibition in Torba’s monastery (property of the Italian National Trust Fund) - Gornate Olona, Varese
Catalogue by L. Cavadini


2005 “Sculpture” personal exhibition - Mosaico Gallery - Chiasso - Switzerland - Catalogue, critical essay by L. Cavadini